Monday, June 30, 2008

man in a mummu ...

hey everyone! it's me! christa! here with another highly skimmable weakly review, written for the self-indulgent purpose of being able to accurately write a "best of 2008" post sometime in late december.

tonight, like so many summer nights, included a moment when i walked out on the deck, saw a haze covering the hillside, spun back into the apartment and said to chuck: we have to go. there's a fire.

within a minute we following the smell up east 10th street, where dozens of other gawkers came to scope the scene. including a woman on a cell phone, standing a few feet away and describing the scene to her friend in an animated, albeit apathetic, tone until the apparent owners of the burning garage started screaming at her. then she moved a few feet away and continued her conversation.

chuck took some good photos, and included some thoughts on the great debate between assfaced gawker and civilized recorder of events. interestingly enough, last summer we attended a garage fire four houses down from this one.

anyway ... as for the rest of last week:

rhubarb crisp: i like to find new ways to use the same ingredients to make and remake rhubarb crisp. this is this week's version, which didn't suck at all.

please feel free to leave large amounts of rhubarb in my path, as i've not yet exhausted the rhubarb files.

uh huh her: i'm loving this silly electropoppy band starring leisha hailey, who plays "alice," one of my favorite characters from "the l word." every once in awhile i get a strong vibe of heather nova, hero of a few of the dawson's creek soundtracks. this is my favorite -- common reaction -- from their upcoming cd.


lakeview coffee emporium, ham and egg biscuit: i could eat this every day, and sought to prove it last week by eating one on consecutive days. chuck had to tackle me to keep me from running mouth-first into this coffee shop on the third day. but they were on sale all last week!

the difference between this and the egg sandwiches i make at home is that they are cute little hardboiled circles, made by one of the stars of "and on the seventh day, god rocked."

fitgers brewhouse, maple salad: this is less like a salad and more like a cafeteria tray covered in salad, with piles of food in different sections: craisins, apples, chicken, feta cheese, walnuts ... pita and a side of maple vinegarette. so fun to eat, like using a carnival claw to dig for a prize. i leaned heavily on the feta, but everytime i came up with a craisin i got pretty excited.

i had to add a side order of french fries and the wildfire beer because it seems criminal to eat at the brewhouse without adding both. thus marking the first time since the late 90s that i've had a beer while the sun was still up.

sidenote: all of the waitresses are the brewhouse are pregnant. seriously. it's surreal. i like to think that they had their holiday party five months ago and things got a little crazy. so if you're looking to work there in about three months ...

"when you are engulfed in flames" by david sedaris: maybe it's because i've seen sedaris live and in his little elfin-voiced concert twice, or maybe it's just because i read "naked" on the right day, but i think i will probably always really like his stuff regardless of if he has mined the sedaris family funny field dry or quit all of his writerly vices.

i think sedaris does come across as tamer in his newest collection, but not so tame as to get into a pissy fight and pissier grudge fest with the elderly woman next door. the end features a lengthier essay about quitting smoking, which is priceless in its stereotypes about who smokes what brand and is exactly what i like to see in a sedaris essay.

as long as he is able to grow unsightly boils in hard-to-reach locations, i'll always buy his books. in hardcover. the day they come out. [granted, i did that with the tori spelling memoir, too.]


"and on the seventh day god rocked ..." a local film company made this mockumentary about a christian rock battle of the bands starring people i know in places i know.

funny and really well done, a little long, but not long enough when my friend the rockstar is on screen. i realized midway through that i was crying out of my right eye, partly because it was so funny and partly because i was so surprised and charmed by the local talent. the guy who makes my egg and ham biscuit at lakeview coffee emporium, for instance.

"the bachelorette: the send that dirtbag home episode"

* oh sweet, sweet jesse. you couldn't be cuter.

* i can't believe that jeremy is still working this "dead parents" facade. i also can't believe he rented that apartment with a view, and pasted fake law school study guides [these old things? i just haven't had a chance to take them down] to the wall to trick deanna into thinking he lived there and is a lawyer.

but mostly i can't believe a fake journal from the four days he spent at his "mom's" side as she was "dying." he clearly considered the details, but remains the kind of humorless prick who tries to run your bike off the shoulder of the road.

* the look of pure, unadultured glee on jason's face when he sees deanna ... priceless. geeky, but priceless. he doesn't stand a chance. wait. holy crap. i'm crying?! introducing his son was pure genius. only a heartless asshole could break up with jason's son.

* graham went to my high school, i swear. then, after high school, our graham's checks still had his jersey number on them. he signed them: "blah blahnum, #blah." many years after high school, he kissed me in an elevator at a christmas party, i beared the revulsion if only because the 16 year old i was needed to have that happen.

oh graham is drunk. the fact that deanna continues to like him shows she is not ready for anything real.

* oh deanna. thank you for sending graham home. i was going to hate reading about your breakup, and how now he is dating jessica simpson or something, on gawker.

this hit its purplish apex about midweek, but continues to feel brittle. i now suspect that a newer, shinier toenail will sprout beneath it and begin pushing this bad apple off my person.


Sproactually said...

I feel so mature now... I drink beer before sundown..

Whiskeymarie said...

I know everyone else (besides me) on the planet read it a bazillion years ago, but if you haven't read Amy Sedaris' entertaining book "I like you: entertaining under the influence" yet- do so.
So. Funny.

Anonymous said...

ew - gross toenail. fannie

Purple said...

Inspired by your post, I walked down to the end of my street where cop cars were blocking off 24th ave. W. so that I and the kid could gawk at the action. Ended up being a police stand-off and we were told to go home and lock our doors. much for mom & son exploration. Just another Monday mid-morning in the arm-pit of Duluth.

Kristabella said...

I really thought Jesse had NO chance on the first episode. I still think he has no chance, but at least we got to know him and hopefully he'll be the next Bachelor. Graham is a douche.