Tuesday, June 10, 2008

fun pops ...

i love when someone leaves behind a grocery list in the shopping cart.
this is a pretty quality haul this tot conjured:

chef boy
fun pops

and my favorite:

kittie foodies

i'm going to start planting my own:

sudafed, draino, tin foil, bic lighters


Maurey said...

Nabisco. That leaves it wide open! The power of the brand - Nabisco and Chef Boy, instead of Triscuits and Spaghetti-os.

CDP said...

Ha! My almost 7 year old is always trying to sneak entries onto my shopping list. "Cheetos" is a frequent attempt.

Beverly said...

In honor of Chuck, I'm going to say "me too."

L Sass said...

Hehe! I want some bbites, too.

Whiskeymarie said...

"kittie foodies" is disgustingly cute and made me happier than it should have. I keep grocery lists and I'm going to start using that. "Cat food" is just so not cute.

kristabella said...

Do you know I will about have a panic attack if I realize that I left my grocery list somewhere where it CAN BE FOUND? Mostly because I write my grocery list on a notepad with my name on it!