Monday, June 23, 2008

beware of the giardia ...

well, last week was a bit of insanity. thankfully now that the half-marathon is over i can start inline skating again without feeling like i'm sucking up valuable running time. right now we are on toenail watch. how long til this sucker pops off?


oly's: the bar-formerly-known-as-the-pio debuted last weekend, so i stopped in to test their product. unlike when it was the pio, i didn't feel like i needed a bleach bath after i used the bathroom, nor did i have to burn my hoodie when i got home. it's oddly the same, but different. like when the tomboy in the movie yanks her hair out of a ponytail, slips into a pair of heels and does a few revlon laps around her kisser. my favorite feature: a sign that said "free wifi for weirdos." i can't wait to perch in the front window and blog about the first street freak show.

mango wrapped banana, via vegetarian times: this recipe suggest wrapping a hunk of banana with a strip of mango, stuffing crushed raspberries inside the tube and covering with a yogurt-orange juice-honey mixture. as i am lazy and a lousy good aestheticist, i simply chopped the mango, added bananas and raspberries and drizzled the sauce over the top. same taste, less maintainance. wee! it was pretty good.

"how to lose your lover:" 2004 tori plays a lesser role in this lifetime love channel movie about a fellow who is struggling to find a good woman. he decides to cast off any semblence of good behavior and immediately exposes his flaws to the girl from kissing jessica stein, thinking that maybe he can finally get it right by doing everything wrong. tori plays a lesbian who is sort of dating the guy's roommate, with whom the guy has super-secret feelings for. this movie was so stupid that it took me four tries to finish it.

"the bachelorette: this is getting easy to predict episode": oh mulletface, it is not a selling point that you live a block from your parents and that you did it on purpose. you just ripped the rose right out of your own clammy grasp.

this is obviously going to come down to graham and jeremy, and i think they are both suckholes.

chester creek cafe: i was not very hungry post-race, having stirred my innards for the past 13.1 miles. i went with granola, yogurt and strawberries. it was yummo.

a and dubs: on the other hand, a few hours after the race i wanted to stick my tongue out and roll my body in bacon grease. the parents pista and i went to this drive up restaurant. i got a bacon cheeseburger, a strawberry malt and we all shared onion rings. ma pista cooed about the wonders of having a tray hanging from the window and wondered why the waitress wasn't wearing roller skates. pa pista squirted ketchup in the shape of a gunshot wound all over his white golf shirt. ma pista applied a stain eraser with one hand, while eating her burger with the other. she's a dexterous old coot. she seemed to struggle with the idea that i don't frequent this joint.

"hmm ... is the pizzaburger any good?" she asked.
"i've never had it," i said.
"what's a charburger?" she asked.
"i have no idea," i responded. "like i said a few dozen times, i've only been here once and that was with you in 2004."
"hmm," she said. "do you like the california burger?"

pizza luce, gouda mac: on sunday i needed something drenched in cheese and this fit the bill. unfortunately, something was off with one of my favorite foods. maybe my tongue is broken, but i just could not enjoy this. not to mention that afterward i thought i'd contracted giardia.

watching "journeyman" on a laptop in bed.

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Mach1 said...

I need more Ma Pista. Your blog poss are 17% funnier when she's in them.